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 OS4Depot - Your one stop for AmigaOS4 files
Welcome to the OS4Depot crashlog resource

This sub site of OS4Depot focuses on allowing users to submit and browse crash logs for Amiga OS4 software.

Example of use:
- Instead of posting long messages on forum sites you can post your crash log here and then refer to the crash log on this site.

Note: You don't have to register to submit a crash log!

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 Recently added crash logs
ID    Application    Short    Version    By    IP    Created    
405    adripper    OS4 Final    1.12    Pierre Giroux    20170319 22:58    
404    amicraftnova    guru after hitting create world    Sept22-16    328gts    20160923 05:46    
403    amicraftnova    Random Crash    1.0    Rob    20160921 22:23    
402    odyssey    Odyssey VG.no crash    1.23r4    HKvalhe    20160612 12:53    
400    netsurf    Crash while working with Bookmarks    3.4    tekmage    20160224 18:57    
399    ppaint    freehand dither crashes    7.3a    lazi        20160221 22:23    
398    autoinfo    AutoInfo crash      20151006 20:33    
397    jamiga2    installation eroor from DataCrow 4.1 :(    1.2 (15/08/2013)    voxel        20150904 11:21    
396    atheros5000.device / tcp/ip control    TCP/IP Control randomly freeze with WIFI    1.5    dh1        20150421 22:15    
395    amicraft    Crashed when reaching edge of level    1.4    Rob    20150412 18:21    
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