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 View Crashlogs submitted by chris
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ID    Application    Short    Version    By    IP    Created    
355    qt    Native file req crash        chris        20121029 20:38    
316    libcurl    libcurl+netsurf        chris        20101112 22:48    
160    netsurf/input.device    input.device crash        chris        20090329 11:36    
16    owb    Crash on the iGoogle home page.    1.18    chris        20080319 20:12    
13    owb    Crashing when editing posts on vBulletin forum.    1.18    chris        20080316 00:19    
7    xad_7z    BZip2 decoder crashes when allocating memory    1.5beta    chris        20080308 21:45    
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