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Application:    scummvm
Short:    ScummVM 1.7.0 causes GR also with SFS2
OS4Depot Path:    game/adventure/scummvm.lha
Version:    1.7.0
CreatedBy:    HKvalhe (    CreatedAt:    20140729 11:54
Crashlog URL:    http://crashlog.os4depot.net/cl386
After following the advices of using SFS2 instead of JXFS, both for the partiton where the emulator is and where the games are, ScummVM 1.7.0 at some times causes the same GR message it did when using JXFS. This leaves me to speculate that the bug is inside ScummVM itself, NOT what file system you use. Could the author look deeply into this matter. This GR happened with SFS2 also...I'm running AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex with AmigaOS 4.1.6. All partitions are now SFS2.
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