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Application:    odyssey
Short:    Some pages crashes with SAM460 L2Cache
OS4Depot Path:    network/browser/odyssey.lha
Version:    Odyssey 1.23r3
CreatedBy:    HKvalhe (    CreatedAt:    20141209 16:07
Crashlog URL:    http://crashlog.os4depot.net/cl390
I have chosen to run permanently the ACube's released L2Cache tool for SAM460, which gives a performance boost of 35%, especially noticeable within RageMem test in SysMon.

While most pages run flawlessy with this L2Cache enabled, as well as movie clips being faster, some few pages, like the norwegian Nettavisen.no, causes the browser to hang up and forces a reboot.

It would be nice if it was made possible to use all pages without problems with this cache enabled, as this is very important for all SAM460 owners, and quite a performance boost.

However, out of the blue, i tested TimberWolf with this L2Cache enabled, and TimberWolf runs a lot faster than what it used to, so this cache is really nice to be able to use. Just a thought.

Other than that, there are almost no problems with running this cache enabled with Odyssey.
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