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Application:    blobwars
Short:    Certain SOBjs files missing...
OS4Depot Path:    game/platform/blobwars.lha
Version:    2.00
CreatedBy:    HKvalhe (    CreatedAt:    20171211 19:21
Crashlog URL:    http://crashlog.os4depot.net/cl410
The new version of BlobWars (which is version 2.00 now), seem to miss a certain SOBjs drawer with the necessary SOBjs files to run the game completely. This is missing in the LHA archive.

Instead, it shows an error message (see the Crashlog below)...
Not really a crash, but rather an error indicating a certain SOBjs drawer with necessary files to run the game completely, are missing...

The report says: assertion "LIB_TS_AT_LEAST(ZBase, 53, 6)" failed: file "static/autoinit_z_base.c", line 33
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