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Application:    netsurf
Short:    Crash with null pointer
OS4Depot Path:    
Version:    2.10806
CreatedBy:    orgin    CreatedAt:    20100923 19:58
Crashlog URL:    http://crashlog.os4depot.net/cl314
I installed an SObjs version to a new drawer (not over an old version) but it won't run, it crashes with a null pointer as soon as I type in a URL and hit Enter.

URL = http://www.abc.net.au/news (local news site).

The main window is cleared, a Help bubble pops up telling me to do what I've just done and the machine freezes.
Dump of context at 0xEFE80BA0
Trap type: DSI exception
Machine State (raw): 0x0200F030
Machine State (verbose): [ExtInt on] [User] [FPU on] [IAT on] [DAT on]
Instruction pointer: in module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod+0x00024758 (0x01
Crashed process: NetSurf (0x6A0EA300)
DSI verbose error description: Access not found in hash or BAT (page fault)
Access was a load operation
0: 00000000 65BE0060 00000000 00000000 00000001 00000000 00000000 00000060
8: 3D8F9785 00000001 65BE0128 015EC6BC 44442028 6615DD18 00000000 00000000
16: 685DE680 7FA2C884 00000000 66E56C40 01E80000 00340014 01E80000 6620C350
24: 00000001 6FF96000 01E70000 66DADF20 6FF894D0 65BE0128 00000000 000000A1
CR: 44442024 XER: 00000000 CTR: 00000001 LR: 015F4210
DSISR: 40000000 DAR: 00000000


Registers pointing to code:
r11: module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015EC6BC (section 0 @ 0x1CD40)

r13: NetSurf:knockout_entries()+0x7198 (section 25 @ 0x79B0)
r17: NetSurf:main()+0x0 (section 9 @ 0xD62C)
r26: module Kickstart/bootimage at 0x01E70000 (section 1 @ 0xB384)
ip : module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015F40D8 (section 0 @ 0x2475C)

lr : module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015F4210 (section 0 @ 0x24894)

ctr: unknown (0x00000001)

Stack Backtrace:
(0x65BE0060) module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015F40D8 (section 0 @
(0x65BE0080) module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015EC6CC (section 0 @
(0x65BE00A0) module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x0162162C (section 0 @
(0x65BE0100) module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015ECDB4 (section 0 @
(0x65BE0120) module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015ECF18 (section 0 @
(0x65BE0180) module Kickstart/intuition.library.kmod at 0x015F5608 (section 0 @
(0x65BE0190) NetSurf:gui_clear_selection()+0x6C (section 9 @ 0x3114)
(0x65BE01B0) NetSurf:selection_clear()+0x7C (section 9 @ 0x74F1C)
(0x65BE01E0) NetSurf:browser_window_remove_caret()+0x6C (section 9 @ 0x7BA30)
(0x65BE0200) NetSurf:browser_window_go_post()+0x45C (section 9 @ 0x61020)
(0x65BE0290) NetSurf:browser_window_go_unverifiable()+0x60 (section 9 @ 0x60BAC)

(0x65BE02C0) NetSurf:browser_window_create_iframes()+0x27C (section 9 @ 0x64148)

(0x65BE02F0) NetSurf:browser_window_callback()+0x3C8 (section 9 @ 0x61560)
(0x65BE0340) NetSurf:hlcache_content_callback()+0x8C (section 9 @ 0x46F30)
(0x65BE03A0) NetSurf:content_broadcast()+0xA0 (section 9 @ 0x3D2D0)
(0x65BE0410) NetSurf:content_set_ready()+0x5C (section 9 @ 0x3C518)
(0x65BE0490) NetSurf:html_finish_conversion()+0x3E4 (section 9 @ 0x97918)
(0x65BE0530) NetSurf:html_convert_css_callback()+0x19C (section 9 @ 0x9925C)
(0x65BE05B0) NetSurf:hlcache_content_callback()+0x8C (section 9 @ 0x46F30)
(0x65BE0610) NetSurf:content_broadcast()+0xA0 (section 9 @ 0x3D2D0)
(0x65BE0680) NetSurf:content_set_done()+0x78 (section 9 @ 0x3C5A8)
(0x65BE0700) NetSurf:content_convert()+0x110 (section 9 @ 0x3C4A4)
(0x65BE0720) NetSurf:content_llcache_callback()+0x198 (section 9 @ 0x3C000)
(0x65BE07D0) NetSurf:llcache_object_notify_users()+0x2D4 (section 9 @ 0x490CC)
(0x65BE0820) NetSurf:llcache_poll()+0x30 (section 9 @ 0x470E8)
(0x65BE0840) NetSurf:hlcache_poll()+0x18 (section 9 @ 0x45C78)
(0x65BE0860) NetSurf:netsurf_main_loop()+0x30 (section 9 @ 0x6B2D0)
(0x65BE0870) NetSurf:main()+0xF0 (section 9 @ 0xD71C)
(0x65BE0D00) module Kickstart/newlib.library.kmod at 0x0167490C (section 0 @ 0x2
(0x65BE0D70) module Kickstart/newlib.library.kmod at 0x01675558 (section 0 @ 0x2
(0x65BE0F10) module Kickstart/newlib.library.kmod at 0x0167571C (section 0 @ 0x2
(0x65BE0F50) NetSurf:_start()+0x170 (section 9 @ 0x170)
(0x65BE0F90) module Kickstart/dos.library.kmod at 0x015626DC (section 0 @ 0x1C20
(0x65BE0FC0) module Kickstart/kernel.debug at 0x014610E0 (section 0 @ 0x610E4)
(0x65BE0FD0) module Kickstart/kernel.debug at 0x01461160 (section 0 @ 0x61164)

Disassembly of crash site:
015F40C8: 3924FFFF subi r9,r4,1
015F40CC: 5529043E rlwinm r9,r9,0,16,31
015F40D0: 39290001 addi r9,r9,1
015F40D4: 7D2903A6 mtctr r9
>015F40D8: 80630000 lwz r3,0(r3)
015F40DC: 4200FFFC bdnz+ 0x15F40D8
015F40E0: 7C601B78 mr r0,r3
015F40E4: 7C030378 mr r3,r0
015F40E8: 4E800020 blr
015F40EC: 5484DEBE rlwinm r4,r4,27,26,31
Stack pointer (0x65BE0060) is inside bounds
Redzone is OK (4)

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