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Application:    2pnotes
Short:    Crashes on launch
OS4Depot Path:    /uti/tex/2pnotes.lha
Version:    2.0.5
CreatedBy:    m1nuto    CreatedAt:    20171015 04:44
Crashlog URL:    http://crashlog.os4depot.net/cl408
X5000 OS4.1 FE:

Crashes on launch.
Crash log for task "2Pnotes"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.19
Crash occured in module libdl.so at address 0x7BEC94EC
Type of crash: DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) exception
Alert number: 0x80000003

Register dump:
GPR (General Purpose Registers):
   0: 7BEC94E8 5F4FDD80 00000002 00000001 5F4FDCA0 602D2654 42822482 02010000 
   8: 02010000 00000000 7F454C46 02010000 7F454C46 62844194 00000000 00000000 
  16: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 190C9BCC 18DA1810 02380000 7A592A70 
  24: 5F2BDD02 00000000 00000000 00000001 02380000 00000000 7BED20B8 5F4FDD80 

FPR (Floating Point Registers, NaN = Not a Number):
   0:              nan               24         0.588235              655 
   4:              154                0     -5.34229e-06      -0.00196464 
   8:         0.285714      5.34229e-06      -0.00231134                0 
  12:               24               15     6.15426e-154     1.62982e+237 
  16:     1.36387e+160     2.68942e+169     3.43238e-307     3.04194e-286 
  20:     2.44783e-154     2.09876e-231     5.71443e+165     3.22948e-111 
  24:     5.32399e-114     7.69211e+158     9.87988e+169      2.6427e+179 
  28:           16.254      6.39194e-58      3.2162e-100      1.50971e-71 

FPSCR (Floating Point Status and Control Register): 0xA2008100

SPRs (Special Purpose Registers):
           Machine State (msr) : 0x0002F030
                Condition (cr) : 0x5CC66DB0
      Instruction Pointer (ip) : 0x7BEC94EC
       Xtended Exception (xer) : 0x01824734
                   Count (ctr) : 0x00000000
                     Link (lr) : 0x00000000
            DSI Status (dsisr) : 0x018439E8
            Data Address (dar) : 0x00000000

680x0 emulated registers:
DATA: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 
ADDR: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 
FPU0:                0                0                0                0 
FPU4:                0                0                0                0 

Symbol info:
Instruction pointer 0x7BEC94EC belongs to module "libdl.so" (PowerPC) 
Symbol: initdl + 0xC8 in section 6 offset 0x000001B4

Stack trace:
    Workbench:SObjs/libdl.so:initdl()+0xc8 (section 6 @ 0x1B4)
    Workbench:SObjs/libdl.so:initdl()+0xc4 (section 6 @ 0x1B0)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtCore.so:_ZN15QLibraryPrivate8load_sysEv()+0x6fc (section 10 @ 0x2426F4)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtCore.so:_ZN15QLibraryPrivate4loadEv()+0x7c (section 10 @ 0x2367E8)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtCore.so:_ZN15QLibraryPrivate10loadPluginEv()+0x70 (section 10 @ 0x236E60)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtCore.so:_ZNK14QFactoryLoader8instanceERK7QString()+0x5f8 (section 10 @ 0x22BF64)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_Z23createReadHandlerHelperP9QIODeviceRK10QByteArraybb()+0x868 (section 12 @ 0x181134)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN19QImageReaderPrivate11initHandlerEv()+0x270 (section 12 @ 0x182D0C)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN12QImageReader4readEP6QImage()+0x8d8 (section 12 @ 0x184330)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN12QImageReader4readEv()+0x138 (section 12 @ 0x1849B8)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN11QPixmapData8fromFileERK7QStringPKc6QFlagsIN2Qt19ImageConversionFlagEE()+0x168 (section 12 @ 0x1BC710)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN7QPixmap4loadERK7QStringPKc6QFlagsIN2Qt19ImageConversionFlagEE()+0x5ec (section 12 @ 0x1A71FC)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN7QPixmapC1ERK7QStringPKc6QFlagsIN2Qt19ImageConversionFlagEE()+0x258 (section 12 @ 0x1A7CE8)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN17QPixmapIconEngine9bestMatchERK5QSizeN5QIcon4ModeENS3_5StateEb()+0x284 (section 12 @ 0x142848)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN17QPixmapIconEngine6pixmapERK5QSizeN5QIcon4ModeENS3_5StateE()+0x14c (section 12 @ 0x14435C)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZNK5QIcon6pixmapERK5QSizeNS_4ModeENS_5StateE()+0x48 (section 12 @ 0x13AF58)
    Workbench:SObjs/libQtGui.so:_ZN7QAction7setIconERK5QIcon()+0x258 (section 12 @ 0x458C)
    2Pnotes:_ZN13Ui_MainWindow7setupUiEP11QMainWindow()+0x508 (section 8 @ 0x26660)
    2Pnotes:_ZN5pbaseC1EP7QWidget()+0x1d0 (section 8 @ 0x1D82C)
    2Pnotes:main()+0x548 (section 8 @ 0x8BC)
    native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00001e8c
    native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x0000300c
    native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x000030b8
    2Pnotes:_start()+0x170 (section 8 @ 0x16C)
    native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x000255c8
    native kernel module kernel+0x0003f660
    native kernel module kernel+0x0003f6a8

PPC disassembly:
 7bec94e4: 4e800421   bctrl             
 7bec94e8: 813e800c   lwz               r9,-32756(r30)
*7bec94ec: 81290000   lwz               r9,0(r9)
 7bec94f0: 80090050   lwz               r0,80(r9)
 7bec94f4: 7c0903a6   mtctr             r0

System information:

 Model: Freescale P50XX (E5500 core) V1.2 
 CPU speed: 1995 MHz 
 FSB speed: 798 MHz 

 Machine name: AmigaOne X5000/20 
 Memory: 2097152 KB 
 Extensions: bus.pci bus.pcie 

Expansion buses 
  00:00.0 Vendor 0x1957 Device 0x0421 
  01:00.0 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0x683F 
   Range 0: 80000000 - 90000000 (PREF.MEM) 
   Range 2: 90000000 - 90040000 (MEM) 
   Range 4: 00001000 - 00001100 (IO) 
  01:00.1 Vendor 0x1002 Device 0xAAB0 
   Range 0: 90040000 - 90044000 (MEM) 
  02:00.0 Vendor 0x1957 Device 0x0421 
  03:00.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092 
  04:01.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092 
  04:02.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092 
  04:03.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092 
  04:08.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092 
  04:10.0 Vendor 0x111D Device 0x8092 
  05:00.0 Vendor 0x12D8 Device 0xE111 
  06:04.0 Vendor 0x10EC Device 0x8139 
   Range 0: 00001000 - 00001100 (IO) 
   Range 1: A0000000 - A0000100 (MEM) 
  06:05.0 Vendor 0x1102 Device 0x0002 
   Range 0: 00001100 - 00001120 (IO) 
  06:05.1 Vendor 0x1102 Device 0x7002 
   Range 0: 00001120 - 00001128 (IO) 

 0x022d7cb2: exec.library V53.89 
 0x6fecea98: cgxvideo.library V42.1 
 0x62a1be00: ascii.datatype V53.7 
 0x62a1bd60: text.datatype V53.10 
 0x62a14a38: minigl.library V2.21 
 0x6045bbd0: Warp3D.library V53.27 
 0x5e41f1f8: W3D_SI.library V1.14 
 0x5f3e5958: W3D_Permedia2.library V53.4 
 0x5f3e58d8: W3D_Napalm.library V53.1 
 0x5f3e56d8: W3D_Avenger.library V53.1 
 0x62a1be98: W3D_Picasso96.library V53.12 
 0x602d0268: wav.datatype V53.26 
 0x602d0358: sound.datatype V53.27 
 0x62a13d50: fuelgauge.gadget V53.8 
 0x62a13f30: Popmenu.mui V21.1 
 0x62a135d0: Lamp.mcc V21.1 
 0x656d1474: btree.library V53.3 
 0x62a13350: Objectmap.mui V21.1 
 0x656d1ae4: asyncio.library V50.3 
 0x62a13170: Gauge.mui V21.1 
 0x62a13030: Popasl.mui V21.1 
 0x6366dea0: Calltips.mcc V21.1 
 0x6366dd60: String.mui V21.1 
 0x6366dcc0: Listtree.mcc V21.1 
 0x6366db80: Title.mui V21.1 
 0x634b34f0: openurl.library V7.3 
 0x634337a0: expat.library V53.6 
 0x6b61c86c: codesets.library V6.20 
 0x66127db8: pthreads.library V53.11 
 0x634c4160: Dtpic.mui V21.1 
 0x658e9de8: RAMDock.docky V51.1 
 0x65c934f4: mpega.library V2.4 
 0x66126840: Aboutbox.mcc V21.1 
 0x658e97e8: NetDock.docky V52.0 
 0x65c71058: GFXDock.docky V51.1 
 0x66126700: TextEditor.mcc V15.47 
 0x65e4d440: select.gadget V53.4 
 0x65f5e838: CPUDock.docky V51.0 
 0x66126480: Boopsi.mui V21.1 
 0x65f5edc0: time.gadget V1.14 
 0x6741ad88: sliderbar.gadget V53.19 
 0x675699de: BWin.mcc V22.0 (Legacy) 
 0x65f5e9b8: Separator.docky V53.2 
 0x67417f50: clock.gadget V53.1 
 0x65f5e950: datesheet.gadget V1.9 
 0x66fb2358: infowindow.class V53.8 
 0x67414170: texteditor.gadget V53.24 
 0x6741b5c8: muigfx.library V21.1 
 0x66126018: tickbox.gadget V53.6 
 0x65f5e5b8: SubDock.docky V53.1 
 0x67417e10: gradientslider.gadget V53.6 
 0x65f62eb0: anim.gadget V53.1 
 0x67417c30: slider.gadget V53.15 
 0x65fb9678: muimaster.library V21.1 
 0x67417b94: colorwheel.gadget V53.7 
 0x672e37a8: progressbar.gadget V53.10 
 0x674179b0: getfile.gadget V53.12 
 0x67417910: getfont.gadget V53.9 
 0x677b7370: shared.image V2.1 
 0x674170f0: arexx.class V53.5 
 0x660ff024: clipview.library V1.10 
 0x66ffb5f0: requester.class V53.18 
 0x677d1c20: integer.gadget V53.12 
 0x6b8a4b78: clicktab.gadget V53.44 
 0x677d1f40: space.gadget V53.6 
 0x677d1cc0: bitmap.image V53.9 
 0x677b7478: chooser.gadget V53.21 
 0x677d1d60: penmap.image V53.5 
 0x6be1c098: screenblanker.library V53.6 
 0x677d1b80: checkbox.gadget V53.9 
 0x6f89c3e8: filesave.audio V6.5 
 0x6c6880f8: emu10kx.audio V6.7 
 0x6c16d850: jpeg.datatype V53.7 
 0x6f89a864: device.audio V6.2 
 0x6ff61938: listbrowser.gadget V53.62 
 0x6e6899e0: string.gadget V53.20 
 0x6c16d490: scroller.gadget V53.14 
 0x6d5875d4: usergroup.library V4.30 
 0x6b91a320: bsdsocket.library V4.307 
 0x6c238420: mathieeedoubbas.library V52.1 
 0x6c17ca4c: textclip.library V53.1 
 0x6cadd7f4: xpkmaster.library V5.2 
 0x6cad13fc: xadmaster.library V13.1 
 0x6c1f6bf8: usbhidgate.library V53.3 
 0x6f95533c: hid.usbfd V53.12 
 0x6ca39c20: button.gadget V53.21 
 0x6ca39b80: glyph.image V53.3 
 0x6c6ed6a0: window.class V54.7 
 0x6c6f2078: popupmenu.class V53.2 
 0x6c684098: popupmenu.library V53.11 
 0x6ca39cc0: label.image V53.13 
 0x6ca39d60: drawlist.image V53.3 
 0x6fecec78: layout.gadget V54.2 
 0x6cad8b90: bevel.image V53.6 
 0x6ca39900: png.datatype V53.10 
 0x6ca9b074: picture.datatype V53.7 
 0x6caaab34: asl.library V53.49 
 0x6ceefd5c: ft2.library V53.2 
 0x6ca9a100: Picasso96API.library V54.18 
 0x6ff213cc: workbench.library V53.53 
 0x6caaa890: gadtools.library V53.7 
 0x6cd34288: timezone.library V53.8 
 0x6cad8218: application.library V53.12 
 0x6cadc0cc: commodities.library V53.7 
 0x6cdc9540: datatypes.library V54.6 
 0x6ceefa64: png.iconmodule V53.1 
 0x6ef9a8cc: icon.library V53.16 
 0x6ff14af0: z.library V53.6 
 0x6d588448: version.library V53.15 
 0x6d58aed0: iffparse.library V53.1 
 0x6ffb95cc: locale.library V54.2 
 0x6ff1841c: diskfont.library V53.9 
 0x6f955568: petunia.library V53.6 
 0x6febb220: dos.library V53.158 
 0x6ff14184: usbprivate.library V53.14 
 0x6ff1b5bc: massstorage.usbfd V53.83 
 0x6ff1403c: hub.usbfd V53.10 
 0x6ff1b528: bootkeyboard.usbfd V52.3 
 0x6ff1b4a8: bootmouse.usbfd V53.3 
 0x6ff1b3a8: mounter.library V53.19 
 0x6fecee7c: usbresource.library V53.14 
 0x6ff9e518: hunk.library V53.4 
 0x6feced74: elf.library V53.27 
 0x6ff6a4d0: intuition.library V54.26 
 0x6ff87530: keymap.library V53.9 
 0x6ff612c4: nonvolatile.library V54.2 
 0x6fed1100: cybergraphics.library V43.0 
 0x6ff9d4a0: RadeonHD.chip V2.22 
 0x6ffa3420: graphics.library V54.226 
 0x6ff9f320: layers.library V54.12 
 0x6ff58150: rtg.library V54.90 
 0x6ff9d324: PCIGraphics.card V53.15 
 0x6ffaa258: newlib.library V53.36 
 0x6ff9c1ac: utility.library V54.1 
 0x6ffa8398: expansion.library V53.1 
 0x6c19c58e: rexxsyslib.library V53.4 (Legacy) 

 0x67416df4: clipboard.device V53.3 
 0x6f89a8f8: rtl8139.device V53.5 
 0x6f899524: ahi.device V6.6 
 0x6ca9dc84: diskimage.device V53.4 
 0x6ff9cd10: usbsys.device V53.14 
 0x6fe5d024: p5020sata.device V54.69 
 0x6ff9eb90: ehci.usbhcd V53.24 
 0x6ff9eaf0: ohci.usbhcd V53.21 
 0x6ff9ea50: uhci.usbhcd V53.13 
 0x6ff9c848: console.device V53.99 
 0x6ff613f0: ramdrive.device V52.6 
 0x6ff8777c: input.device V53.5 
 0x6ff18024: keyboard.device V53.12 
 0x6ff61050: timer.device V53.2 
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